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We Need Your Pictures!

Please remember to post your student’s pictures on our Facebook group page using #neillpto. Our Yearbook Aid saves these pictures every month and our Yearbook Team will be using these pictures in the yearbook! No Facebook, send your pictures to:


This year, you will be able to create your own dedication!

Follow these easy steps to finish your ad and submit it to the yearbook staff.

STEP 1 – Login to My Account on with your username and password

STEP 2 – Click on “My Orders” to find your ad, then click “View Order” to expand the order details. Click “Edit Now” to go to the Ad Submission Page.

STEP 3 – Compose your personal message in the space provided.

STEP 4 – Select images to upload in the priority order you would like the staff to use when designing the ad. The staff will receive the full-size images and design your ad accordingly.

STEP 5 – Choose the Submit My Ad button if you are happy with your images and message. You can continue to edit your content by choosing the Finish Later button. It’s that easy.

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