Meeting Minutes


JC Neill Elementary PTO 

October 6, 2022 Special PTO Meeting – Budget Approval

Thursday, October 8th, 6:00pm via Zoom

Meeting called to order by President Chika Onyema at 6:01pm 

There were 14 members in attendance; a quorum was reached. Board Members Chika Onyema, Joey Trudeau, Nicole Juracek, Mandy Bui, Kristin Newsome, Oscar Saenz, and Katrina Watson.  Principal Hoeffken, Vice Principal Comacho, and Vice Principal Holmes also in attendance.  PTO Attendees: Sarah Giannone, Saralyn McIver, Laura Ogbechie, Lori Gier, Ashley

Welcome – President.  Chika thanked everyone for attending and welcomed everyone.  Joey Trudeau introduced himself as Treasurer.  Oscar Saenz introduced himself as the Major Fundraising Chair.  Principal Hoeffken welcomed everyone.

Budget Update – Treasurer.  Joey reviewed purpose for the meeting is to review revisions to the 2022-2023 budget.  Budget presented, showing original amount, change, revised amount, and explained changes.  He also asked for audience questions.

Vote – All in attendance approved the proposed budget. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:57 p.m. 
September 2022 – PTO General meeting


JC Neill Elementary PTO 

September 2022 General Meeting 

Wednesday, September 7th, 6:30pm, and Neill Cafeteria

Meeting called to order by President Chika Onyema at 6:34 p.m. 

There were 30 members in attendance in person and 33 on Zoom; a quorum was reached. 

Welcome by Chika.  

Special Election – 4 Candidates.  Two were confirmed as they were unopposed.  Kristin Newsome – Secretary.  Oscar Saenz – Major Fundraiser.  Election for Treasure Candidates – Chioma Igwege and Joey Trudeau.  Voting being done both online and in person. Joey Trudeau won & was announced as the new Treasurer

Principal’s Update – Principal Hoeffeken.  Provided updates on campus requests of the PTO

  • Topics included: Shade Structure, Separation wall between the cafeteria and gym, TEKES Target Math virtual program, Level Literacy Intervention Kits, and stair risers in the front of the building which will profile of a graduate and PRIDE character traits.
Officers’ Reports 

Treasurer: given by Chika Onyema – Budget handed out shows the change between April 2022 and current, based on Board member requests for this school year.  Increase was based on earnings from the prior year.  

Committee Updates: 

Secretary: Given by Kristin Newsome (Interim Secretary) – Introduction and overview of the Dad’s Club.

Volunteers Chair: Given by Gladis Tiffany.  Committees include Workroom, Teacher Appreciation, Classroom Parties, and 5th Grade End of Year Party.  

Student Health Chair: Given by Nicole Jurancek – Walk and Bike to School committee members needed.  Field Day in the Spring.  Recipe book to pull together to show diversity of the campus.

District Coordination Chair: Given by Mandy Bui – Laisses between FBISD and Neill.  VIPs – volunteering options for in person or remote.  Shared Dreams and Fort Bend Education Foundation.

Family Event Chair: Given by Katrina Watson.  Committees include Family Movies night, Family Holiday Event, Family Dance, and Family Game Night.

Ongoing Events Chair: Given by Maria Relingado.  Committees include Spirit Night, Sponsorships, School Supplies, and Spirit Wear.

New Business – Treasurer named as Joey Trudeau.

Next meeting Special Meeting to be called to review budget and address any Zoom questions that were outstanding from this meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m. 

Minutes compiled by Kristin Newsome, Secretary


JC Neill Elementary PTO 

January 2023 General Meeting
  • Welcome
      • Welcome by Katrina
      • Meeting called to order at 6:30pm
  • Officers Reports:
    • President’s Report – Given by Katrina Watson (for Chika Onyema)
      • Special Election – Open Board Positions
        • Vice President/Communications – Nominee is Terry Maya
        • Ongoing Events Chair – Nominee is Zurelle Paule
        • Volunteer Chair – Nominee is Dorine Kopiyo 
      • All nominees ran unopposed; all 3 were welcomed into their positions.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Joey Trudeau
  • Surplus of $12,000 for annual budget due to higher-than-expected revenue from Fall Festival.  Extra items for VIPs room will use that budget – Chrome book, thermal printer (stickers, nametags, and QR codes), and printer.

  • Committee Reports:
  • Volunteers Chair – Dorine Kopiyo (Interim)
    • Valentines Party on February 14th.  Volunteers needed, especially for 5th grade.
    • Next Teacher Appreciation February 10th – Kind Bar
  • Student Health Chair – Nicole Jurancek
      • Working on recipe book.  Requesting additional recipes from the community to be able to make a cookbook that reflects our school’s diversity.  Also requesting help to help Nicole organize and identify the most traditional recipes by area.
  • District Coordination Chair – Natasha Lovelace (for Mandy Bui)
    • Shared Dreams Pledge Drive March 6-10th.  Drive will be for body wash, hangers, full sized boxes of cereal, shampoo and conditioner, and shorts for boys and girls.  Flyer coming out the week before the event.  Drop off boxes will be available at the Multicultural night event (March 9th) as well.
  • Family Events Chair – Katrina Watson
    • First Annual Family Dance coming up on February 10th.  Current registrations are right under 300 attendees.  
    • Family Game Night/Wellness Night scheduled for April 27th.  
  • Major Fundraising Chair – Oscar Saenz
    • Pledge Drive coming up February 20-24th.  Goal is $35,000.  Activities include email and Facebook blasts starting February 13th, flyers to homes the following week, posters will be up in the school the week of the event.  Looking for volunteers to dress up in costumes during pick up and drop off (Sign Up Genius to be distributed).  Student incentives will be in place to encourage participation.
  • Questions
    • Principal Hoeffken
      • Reminder of the school fundraiser is currently going on
      • Kids need keyboard skills, so Admin is looking for options for keyboards that could be plugged into iPads (roughly $10K for 300 keyboards)
      • Other idea is to have district’s own posters/buttons makers
      • Looking for other ideas from the community on how to spend the funds
  • Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm





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