School Supplies (EPI) 2022-2023

DEADLINE – June 26, 2022, to Order Online!

* Receive your School Supplies by the 1st Day of School.

* Receive the PTO discounted price. 

Don’t miss out on the EASY way to buy ALL your school supplies for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

Note: All packs will be delivered right to your home. Supplies can still be ordered after June 26, 2022, but please be aware that they may NOT arrive in time for the first day of school and the price may increase. If you ordered EPI supplies after the deadline date, please let your teacher know that you are waiting on EPI supplies. Most teachers are very understanding during the first week of school while parents get everything that is needed for the school year. 

Order Now @

School ID JCN000 

For questions or concerns, please email


FYI – “Optional Items” are NOT required but are HIGHLY REQUESTED by teachers. The general list is from the district and unfortunately, many of the extra supplies the teachers need can’t be added to the general list, thus why we have the optional list. So please keep that in mind when purchasing your child’s school supplies.

Neill PTO has negotiated a discounted price until June 26, 2022. Prices and delivery are not guaranteed for any order placed online after the deadline date. Lastly, please note that Neill PTO will get a very small portion of each purchase. Therefore, by ordering through EPI, you are also supporting our school, staff, and students. 😉

Thank you for your continued support!