Secret Pal Program

It’s time to launch our 1st Neill Longhorns Secret Pal Program, and we need YOU! This is a fun way to get to know the staff at our school and give them a pat on the back for all of their hard work. Here’s what the program involves:

Having a Secret Pal is a fun way to remind our teachers and staff how special they are! This activity is meant to be fun and positive recognition of their hard work for our kiddos!

• You will be secretly paired up with a staff member and will receive a list of their “likes.”

• Once a month, you’ll give your Pal a small gift (anonymously). You will take the gift to the front office and ask a staff member to secretly put it in your Secret Pal’s mailbox. These items should be wrapped or put in a gift bag with the recipient’s name and should take into consideration the interest indicated on the interest form. These items should be relatively inexpensive and can be new, handmade, recycled, stash fabric, “dollar store” items or other creative ideas.

• Birthdays and holidays are a special times and an opportunity to do something extra special for your Secret Pal. Again, consider handmade items, recycled or new books, tapes, kits or fabrics. Be creative! Remember… it is the thought that counts!!

• At the end of the year, an informal gathering will be held to reveal your identity to your pal.

Our Secret Pal Program is a simple way to show that we car.  If you are interested, please fill out the form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Christopherson at

Neill Longhorn Secret Pal Program