Box Tops for Education


The Neill Elementary Box Tops for Education October Challenge has come to an end, and it was a success!

We are happy to announce our winning class:

Mrs. Cockrum’s Third Grade Class

Congratulations!!!  With a total of 342 submitted Box Tops and the highest rate of class participation, Mrs. Cockrum’s class will enjoy a special Halloween treat tomorrow, October 31st!

Thank you to everyone that participated.  Our Longhorns collected 3,165 Box Tops in our first challenge!

We hope that Box Tops continues to be a strong program for Neill Elementary!  Let’s continue this success throughout the school year!  Please continue to submit Box Tops.  All Box Tops collected from October 31st through January 31st will be counted for our Holiday/Winter challenge.

Remember–All Box Tops totals from the October challenge and going forward will also be added to our year-end challenge so everyone’s submissions always count!

Any money collected through the Box Tops program is spent on supplies and equipment that benefit our students.

Current Classroom Standings:

Teacher Grade Box Tops
Cockrum 3rd 342
Nowlain 4th 272
Osby 2nd 238
Egmon 4th 190
Miller 2nd 160
Hart 1st 144
Gommel 5th 139
Johnson 3rd 137
Weyland 3rd 135
Martin K 129
Fish 4th 118
Wallace K 110
Munday 1st 102
McClean 3rd 97
Garcia 5th 91
Callison 1st 85
Latham 4th 77
Nolan 3rd 73
Levin 1st 70
Lober 5th 55
Hassialis 2nd 45
Philips K 42
Hauser K 41
Zvonkovic K 39
Miller 5th 34
Lowrie 4th 32
Dimiceli 2nd 29
Esmond 1st 26
Bratsen 5th 5
Hampton 2nd

Please note

The Box Tops collected each month will be tallied at the end of the year for individual student and class prizes.  If your child does not win this month, he or she will be in the running for the Grand Prize in May.


Box Tops For Education is an easy way for parents to get involved in their child’s education. Just by purchasing Box Tops products, clipping the coupons and sending them into school, Neill Elementary earns cash that can be used to enhance our school.  With your help, we can earn a great deal of cash for our school this year!

It is a very easy 3-step process:

  1. Clip Box Tops from specially marked products.
  2. Turn in the Box Tops to your school.
  3. School receives a check.

There will be collection sheets with various contests throughout the school year.  If you don’t have a collection sheet, simply tape or glue box tops to a sheet of paper with your child’s name and teacher name. Having your child’s name and teacher name will ensure credit for the contest and prizes.  If you want to place box tops in an envelope or Ziploc bag, please mark your child’s name and teacher name on or in the bag.  You may turn box tops to your child’s teacher or put them inside the Box Tops Mailbox in the front office.

Let’s help Neill Elementary to have a successful Box Tops year!

Imagine what one child could do….
1 Box Top per Month x 10 Months = $1.00
5 Box Tops per Month x 10 Months =$5.00
10 Box Tops per Month x 10 Months = $10.00

Imagine what one school could do…
$1.00 x 600 Students = $600.00
$5.00 x 600 Students = $3,000.00
$10.00 x 600 Students = $5,000.00

To learn more and track our school’s progress, register at ( When you visit, opt to receive the newsletter. That way Box Tops can send you emails full of helpful information and coupons to save on Box Tops products.

For a Box Top For Education overview, please click on link: Box Tops Overview

For information on products that have Box Tops Coupons, please click on the link: BoxTops Products.

For additional information on Box Tops For Education, please contact our Box Tops Coordinator, Jennifer Ardini-Contreras at